The Effects of Eyelid Surgery and Fillers

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When eyelid surgery and fillers are performed together they can provide a more natural result and a more potent rejuvenating effect, said renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley in his recent post on Snapchat.


Dr. Smiley has posted a series of videos demonstrating a female patient who received upper and lower eyelid surgery complemented by the most natural filler material—her very own fat collected from her tummy.

eyelid surgery and fillers


The fat was injected to create a smoother transition between her lower lid and cheek and to soften the nasolabial folds or “laugh lines.”


“The fat moves more naturally and so it provides more natural results than standard fillers. Also, fat cells expand and shrink as the patient gains and loses weight, further contributing to its natural outcome,” explained Dr. Smiley.


Furthermore, Dr. Smiley said that about 70 percent of the fat volume is expected to persist long term and therefore fat grafting is more cost-effective than traditional fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, which on average require 6-12 months “retouch.”


The patient also had bulging orbital fat in the upper eyelid, which Dr. Smiley reduced before removing the loose skin that was causing the “hooded” appearance of the lid.


The excess orbital fat must be removed to eliminate the bulging or puffy appearance. Nonetheless, fat injection remains advisable to create additional carpeting right beneath the skin. Unlike the deeper fat that protrudes with aging, the superficial fat tends to shrink.

He also reduced the deeper orbital fat in the lower lid, which was causing the patient’s under eye-bags.


While reducing the orbital fat may sound counter-intuitive given that the patient also received a simultaneous fat transfer in her lower lid, Dr. Smiley said these two surgical maneuvers accomplish two different things.


“Reducing the deeper orbital fat in the lower lid eliminates the bulging, while injecting fat right beneath the skin creates this carpeting that results in smoother and more youthful transition, Dr. Smiley explained.


In terms of scar appearance, Dr. Smiley ensured that the upper eyelid incision was placed precisely at the skin fold for optimal scar concealment, while the lower lid incision was positioned immediately below the “root” of the eyelashes so it remains undetectable at conversational distances.


Aside from “precise” placement of incision, the celebrity surgeon said meticulous wound closure further ensures invisible scar.


For the vast majority of patients, Dr. Smiley said the eyelid surgery and fillers result in undetectable scar because the skin in the area is markedly thin and thus resistant to scar tissue.


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