Abdomen liposuction on a female patient

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Abdomen liposuction on female patients is quite different than that of men due to gender-based beauty ideals and anatomies, says leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


Men’s athletic abs have square-shaped ridges that are closely packed together, whereas in women’s there is often a pair of “soft” vertical indentations flanking the navel.


Also, women with athletic physique often have prominent anterior hipbone due to their low body fat percentage.

abdomen liposuction

Dr. Smiley performs pre-operative marking to ensure natural and symmetric contours.

Recently, Dr. Smiley has performed abdomen liposuction on a female patient who specifically requested for a more athletic physique. She also had a concurrent Brazilian buttock lift in which the unwanted fats were injected into her buttocks and hips.


Dr. Smiley performed pre-operative marking while the patient was in a standing position; this would allow him to deliver symmetric results, “highlight” certain features, and ultimately create a more athletic but nonetheless feminine physique.


During the pre-operative marking, Dr. Smiley explained to the patient their surgical plans: create a soft parallel indentation on each side of the abdomen through high-definition liposuction, and to make the anterior hipbone slightly visible.


Her liposuction also included the lower back, flanks, bra rolls, and upper arm. Because she asked for a simultaneous Brazilian buttock lift, multiple donor sites were necessary to collect sufficient volume of fat.


During the actual surgery, which has been shown on Dr. Smiley’s Snapchat, he used microcannula, a stainless steel tube with blunt tip dotted with several small holes to suction the unwanted fat.


Dr. Smiley moved the microcannula parallel to the skin in a fan-like, back and forth motion to remove fats uniformly, which is the key to ensure smooth skin and natural contours.


After collecting large volume of unwanted fat, Dr. Smiley purified it—i.e., he removed the anesthetic solution, red blood cells, oil, and other biomaterials—before injecting it into the patient’s hips and buttocks.


Aside from improving the patient’s waist-to-hip ratio, which is the hallmark of feminine physique, Dr. Smiley was also able to improve the indentations in the buttocks.

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