Bra Rolls Liposuction Guidelines

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Bra rolls liposuction surgery eliminates the unsightly bulges that tend to become more prominent in tight clothes. But as with any body contouring procedure, its success boils down to strict patient selection and meticulous surgical execution.


Patients who can benefit from bra rolls liposuction have excess superficial fat (beneath the skin) caused by hereditary distribution and thus no matter how skinny they get, the “bra bulge” remains there.


bra rolls liposuction

The patient receives bra rolls liposuction immediately followed by fat injection into the buttocks, a procedure more commonly referred to as Brazilian buttock lift.

Meanwhile, no body contouring surgery suits significantly overweight and obese individuals whose main problem is the excess [deeper] visceral fat linked to obesity. This type of fat only responds to dieting and exercise, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


These are the bra rolls liposuction guidelines that help the celebrity plastic surgeon deliver natural and smooth results from the surgery.


  • Use of holistic approach


Due to the natural distribution of superficial fat, most patients who think they need bra rolls liposuction can achieve smoother results if their surgery also includes the upper-outer back near the armpit, posterior waist fat, and/or flanks (above the waist and below the shoulder).


Simply put, women seeking bra rolls liposuction may actually need their entire back, or at least a large surface of this region, re-sculpted to achieve smooth and natural results.


  • Use of microcannula and tumescent fluids


Tumescent fluids are injected into the fatty area, triggering the fat cells to swell up before they are suctioned out with the use of microcannula, a hollowed probe with an outside diameter less than 2.2 mm.


Microcannulae remove fats in smaller bits, making them ideal for highly fibrous fat, meaning it is tightly intertwined with the connective tissue. Furthermore, they tend to provide smoother results than the standard cannula, which suction out fats in bigger chunks.


  • Skin evaluation


The success of bra rolls liposuction primarily depends on the patient’s anatomy. For instance, anyone with excess skin, which can be verified when the rolls remain even after the arms are elevated, will require skin excision rather than just liposuction.


  • Ligament attachments


Sometimes, the bra rolls are also caused by how the ligaments are arranged and thus require to be “released” to achieve smoother results from surgery. To further ensure smooth appearance, it is ideal to treat the “bra bulge” individually during liposuction.

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