Brazilian Buttock Lift and Hips Appearance

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Brazilian buttock lift reshapes the buttocks with the use of fat grafting or injection. The patient undergoes liposuction to remove unwanted fats from the abdomen, back, etc., which are then processed and re-implanted into the “backside.”


During surgery, leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says the hips, or the laterally projecting region of the buttocks, must also receive some fat volume to complement the increased projection or profile of the backside.


Notice the curvier hips of the “after” photo, leading to siginificant improvement of the patient’s waist to hip ratio.


Essentially, the surgery improves body shape by changing the volume or fat distribution. According to studies, a waist to hip ratio of 0.7, or at least near this proportion, is the most attractive female figure due its strong correlation with fertility and health.


Dr. Smiley has recently posted a series of videos on Snaphcat to demonstrate one female patient with a markedly poor WHR due to her thick waist, flat buttocks, and narrow hips.


The patient had no curves on her hips; its width was almost the same as her flanks. Furthermore, she had thick waist and “back rolls” caused by excess superficial fat beneath the skin (this is different from the deeper visceral fat linked to obesity).


In most cases, Brazilian buttock lift allocates most of the fat to improve the projection of the buttocks. But for this particular patient, Dr. Smiley said he injected more volume into the hips to achieve a more hourglass effect.

Laser light guides Dr. Smiley during liposuction.

To further highlight the curves of the hips and the projection of the buttocks, Dr. Smiley treated the flanks and lower back as a donor or liposuction site. He also removed fats from the anterior abdomen to further ensure more proportionate and smoother results.


During liposuction of the flanks and back, Dr. Smiley used a laser light that helped him distinguish the “root” or “start” of the buttocks and thus avoid the area. The device also allowed him to deliver more symmetric results during fat injection.


Almost all cultures and ethnicities seem to agree on what constitute an attractive looking derriere: Most of the prominence is found between the mid and upper buttock, while the hip width adheres to the 0.7 “beauty ratio.”

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