The Challenges of Bra Rolls Liposuction

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Recognizing the “inherent” challenges of bra rolls liposuction is the first step to achieve impressive results from the procedure. This guiding principle applies to all types of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.


Leading Inland Empire plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley explains the challenges of bra rolls liposuction and the corresponding ways to “counteract” them.


bra rolls liposuction

Photo depicting a successful bra rolls liposuction

  • Highly fibrous fats


The back contains highly fibrous fats—they have more connective tissue—that large cannulas cannot penetrate them easily. For this reason, the use of microcannulas is a prerequisite to achieve smooth results from liposuction of bra rolls.


Microcannulas are flexible tubes with an outside diameter that is typically less than 2.5 mm.


  • Increased risk of sagging appearance and skin asymmetries


Fortunately, the use of microcannulas has significantly reduced the risk of over-correction, which is typically manifested by surface irregularities. Meanwhile, large cannulas are best avoided because they remove bigger chunks of fat, which can be problematic when the treated site requires a high level of precision.


Furthermore, Dr. Smiley highlights the importance of moving the microcannula in a rather swift motion to prevent inadvertently removing too much fat. It is also critical to move the probe precisely parallel to the skin to ensure a smooth result.


In addition, the use of compression garments for several weeks or even months is known to ensure smooth results from bra rolls liposuction.


Meanwhile, some patients are poor candidates for a liposuction-alone surgery due to significant skin laxity. To achieve a good outcome, they will require excision-based procedure as well. Simply put, patient selection process is critical to achieve impressive results.


  • Risk of hyperpigmentation, i.e., dark marks


For some reason the back is prone to hyperpigmentation of skin, leading to small round dark marks; hence, it is of critical importance to minimize the number of liposuction sites.


To further promote favorable scarring (faded scars that blend in with the skin), microcannula is ideal because it reduces surgical trauma on the skin; and all efforts are made to place the incisions as far laterally as possible.


Should there is a really need to place incisions “centrally,” they must be positioned along the bra line for optimal scar concealment.

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