Liposuction and Buttock Augmentation

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Liposuction and buttock augmentation, a combo procedure more commonly referred to as Brazilian butt lift, aims to reshape the patient’s derriere using her own donor fats, according to California Surgical Institute website.

Liposuction is the process of removing excess superficial fats (beneath the skin) to improve the body’s overall contour. But instead of throwing them away, they can be later used to reshape or augment the buttocks, breasts, cheeks, or any area that can benefit from additional volume.

liposuction and buttock augmentation

It is important to use “gentle” liposuction techniques—no laser or ultrasound devices that can destroy the cellular structures of fats—so the fat grafts can be later used to reshape and augment the buttocks.

To collect fats from donor sites, most doctors today prefer suction-assisted liposuction in which microcannulas are used.

Microcannulas are suction probes with an outside diameter of less than 3 mm, so they can fit into tiny incisions that fade into imperceptible scars about six months after surgery. In addition, they provide smoother results because they remove fats in smaller bits rather than in large chunks, thus giving surgeons better control, as opposed to the use of larger cannulas.

However, the real advantage of microcannulas in fat graft surgery is that they only collect the smallest fat particles, which have a high survival rate and can provide natural-looking, smooth results.

While the abdomen is often abundant in fat, making it a good donor site for most patients, it remains ideal to liposuction the areas around the buttocks so they will “stick out” more.

The buttocks may look flat in profile view if there is excess fat above them, so it always makes sense to contour the area with liposuction. Some patients will also need their thighs to be included to further create a curvy lower body.

Even without fat graft, sometimes liposuction around the buttocks and thigh is enough to improve their profile and overall appearance.

The average cost of liposuction and buttock augmentation (as a combo procedure) is $10,000, although some patients who need an extensive amount of work may expect paying up to $15,000 for their surgery.

The consensus is that the patients will mostly pay for their surgeon’s experience, which has a large influence on the success of their Brazilian butt lift surgery, a practice that combines art and science.

A properly executed Brazilian butt lift can provide natural looking and near permanent results.

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