Liposuction Sites and Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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The ideal liposuction sites in patients seeking buttock augmentation via fat injection, or more commonly referred to as Brazilian butt lift, are usually the regions of the trunk because they contain most of the bulk of “unwanted” fats.


Instead of throwing away the fats collected from liposuction surgery, they are purified and injected into the patient’s backside, precluding the need for butt implants. For this reason, Brazilian butt lift is perceived to be safer because no synthetic prostheses are used to contour the body.


liposuction sites


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says he almost always treats the lower back as one of the best liposuction sites because of its propensity to hold on to excess superficial fat (i.e., type of fat right beneath the skin that can be removed with a flexible hollowed tube called cannula).


Furthermore, “carving out” the lower back will allow the buttocks to stick out more, leading to a better shape when viewed laterally and posteriorly, explains the celebrity plastic surgeon.


A many patient can also benefit from liposuction of her flanks to further improve the buttock’s profile and shape.


The liposuction sites may also include the entire circumference of the lower torso, sometimes referred to as 360 degrees liposuction, which is particularly ideal for creating the quintessential hourglass figure. According to studies in which men were asked to rate the attractiveness of female bodies, a hip-to-waist ratio near 0.70 is perceived to be the most attractive.


But as the hip-to-waist ratios climb higher toward 0.80 the feminine curves become less apparent, as suggested by the studies.


Aside from the torso, other viable liposuction sites are the patient’s “areas of concerns.” For instance, women with flabby arms caused by the excess fat can benefit from fat removal surgery in the area.


While the vast majority of patients seeking Brazilian butt lift are women, some men with markedly flat buttocks can also benefit from the procedure, although the “aesthetic guidelines” may slightly differ to achieve a gender appropriate result.


Moreover, many liposuction sites commonly treated in women are rarely considered as viable donor areas in men. This is particularly true for liposuction of the upper arms and hips, which are almost an exclusive procedure for female patients.

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