Male Liposuction Ab Etching

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Male liposuction ab etching, a procedure purported to turn a keg-shaped belly into a six-pack, has been receiving both media hype and controversy. While this sounds great in theory, in reality the final result still boils down to the patient’s underlying anatomy.


The six-pack appearance is caused by well-developed abdominal muscle that shows through the skin. However, some men have thick superficial fat that conceals any muscular definition.


male liposuction ab etching

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Unlike the deeper visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs that is linked to obesity, the distribution of superficial fat is mainly influenced by genes and thus some men despite adhering to the strictest exercise regimen and diet do not achieve the appearance of six-pack abs.


Fortunately, liposuction cannula—a hollowed steel tube attached to a vacuum pump—can remove the superficial fat. Hence, this body contouring surgery is reserved for normal weight patients who are committed to healthy lifestyle, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


Even the standard liposuction technique may lead to the appearance of six-pack provided that the patient has well-developed muscles that are concealed by a thick layer of superficial fat.


During a standard liposuction technique, doctors remove fats deep within the subcutaneous tissue.


Meanwhile, there is one specific technique purported to deliver six-pack even in patients with poor muscle definition.


Ab etching liposuction, which has always been hounded by controversies, involves very superficial and aggressive fat removal. The idea is to eliminate fats in a way that several “grooves” are created in the process.


These “grooves” have their skin almost sticking down to the underlying muscle, which is believed to increase the risk of poor healing and skin scarring.


Some doctors also stay away from ab etching liposuction because of the “manufactured” or unnatural look due to the presence of contour irregularities.


Because of the difficulty of creating natural-looking results from ab etching technique, plastic surgeons typically prefer the standard liposuction and occasionally complement it with a very small amount of etching in the midline (above the navel).

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