Neck liposuction incision placement

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The ideal neck liposuction incision placement will depend on the extent and location of excess fat. Nonetheless, all efforts are made to position the scar, usually 2-5 mm diameter, in concealed areas such as beneath the chin and behind the earlobes.


Renowned Inland Empire plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley regularly performs neck liposuction and other surgical enhancements whose aim is to create a more youthful, smoother transition between the neck, chin, and jaw line.


neck liposuction incision

Recently, he performed extensive neck liposuction on a female patient with a full-looking neck. Hence, instead of the usual single incision placed behind the chin (specifically at the natural skin fold for optimal scar concealment), he also created a pair of incisions behind the earlobe.


With three small incisions, Dr. Smiley says the excess fat can be accessed from different angles, leading to smoother and more natural results.


To further promote smooth results, he moved the microcannula (a blunt-tipped hollowed tube) back and forth in a fan-like motion and avoided staying too long in one area so as to prevent surface irregularity.


Extensive neck liposuction may involve as much as 300 cc of fat, while a minor correction may just remove as little as 20 cc. Contrary to popular belief, the success of liposuction boils down to how much fat remains after surgery, as opposed to how much the surgeon removes. After all, over-correction can lead to “cosmetic” disasters—e.g., surface irregularities, sagging appearance, and visible platysma muscle.


The platysma muscle along the neck may show through the skin if all the fats, which serve as a carpeting, are removed during surgery.


In general, neck liposuction, especially if it involves large amounts of fat, is only reserved for younger patients who typically have good skin shrinkage, whereas neck lift (excision-based) is more suitable for individuals with loose skin. Occasionally, they are combined in one surgery to achieve the most desired results.


After neck liposuction, Dr. Smiley says he recommends the use of chin strap (compression garment) for at least a week to help remodel the skin and to keep swelling at a minimum.

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