Tummy tuck pre op markings

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Tummy tuck pre op markings can play a significant role in the final result. Not only they indicate where the tummy tuck incisions and the resulting scar should lie, they also highlight any pre-existing asymmetry, the center of the torso, and the position of the navel.


In a recent Snapchat video post, leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says he always marks his patients in a standing position to allow the gravity reveal the “imperfections” and cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. After all, people generally look at themselves in the mirror upright.


tummy tuck pre op markings

Thank to meticulous tummy tuck pre op markings and detailed surgical techniques, the patient enjoys natural looking results and hidden tummy tuck scars.


Meanwhile, tummy tuck is done in a supine position, causing the loose skin and fat to shift. But with meticulous markings, doctors nonetheless will have ease identifying the tissue that needs to be removed and reshaped.


Should the patient require a simultaneous liposuction, the treatment areas are also marked. Dr. Smiley says he often uses it as a complementary procedure to sculpt the flanks, allowing him to further narrow the waistline, which is the hallmark of a pleasing feminine physique.


Most patients will need the standard tummy tuck technique in which the resulting scar goes from hip to hip and is positioned very low that most swimwear designs and panties can hide it with ease. However, massive weight loss patients may have to accept a longer scar that extends into their posterior flanks, allowing their surgeons to remove more loose skin and fat and to sculpt their sides.


Another incision around the navel, specifically inside its rim to hide the scar, is created during tummy tuck so the surgeon can remove the loose skin above. Then, the upper abdominal skin is brought down (like a Roman window shade) so the wound/scar settles beneath the “bikini line.”


Occasionally, the mons pubis is lifted as well to create a smooth, natural transition between the pubic region and abdomen.

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