Your Surgeon’s Buttock Implants Pictures Will Reveal His Skills

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A surgeon’s buttock implants pictures will reveal a lot about his artistic skills, or lack thereof. Keep in mind that cosmetic plastic surgery is more about art than exact science.

Buttock augmentation surgery via implants is suitable for thin patients who want larger improvement, which makes fat injection (or Brazilian butt lift) a poor choice since the results are largely dependent on the amount of their excess body fat.


While a Brazilian butt lift can reshape the entire butt cheeks, the implants can only augment the upper half because of the way they are positioned—i.e., above the ischial region—so you will not sit on them. With this placement, the prostheses could provide a near permanent result.

Despite some limitations of using implants, the approach is suitable for thin patients who have a very flat “behind” because it provides more forward projection.

When looking at a surgeon’s before-and-after photos, they should reveal a high level of symmetry, which is achieved by correct pocket dissection.

Another important component is the incision site. There should be no visible scars since they are hidden between the natural folds of skin, such as the buttock crease and the junction where the back of the thigh meets the “cheek.”

Aside from visible scars, unnatural contour is also a dead giveaway of the surgery. The general rule of thumb is to create results that will match the patients’ underlying anatomies, such as their butt shape and dimension and even their waist-to-hip ratio.

If a patient’s buttock appears elongated in the “before” photo, an oblong-shaped implant rather than a perfectly round one can deliver a more natural-looking result. However, a growing number of surgeons are offering customized implants to meet the aesthetic goals of their patients.

As with any body contouring procedure, buttock implants surgery is mainly about “good proportions.” For this reason, you should also examine the patients’ waist, hips, and thighs.

Take note that buttock augmentation is typically performed simultaneously with liposuction of the waist, flanks, and/or thigh to achieve a more hourglass figure, which is the quintessence of feminine beauty. The idea is to make the buttocks “stick out more” by removing the excess fat around them.

If done appropriately, liposuction surgery rarely results in visible scars because the incisions where a suction probe is inserted are very small. However, it is important to preserve some fats instead of removing them altogether to achieve smooth results and natural contour.

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