Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

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Mommy makeover is an informal, non-medical term describing a combination of two or more body contouring surgeries to improve a woman’s post-pregnancy figure. While it is a highly customized procedure, it typically combines the following: tummy tuck with some type of breast enhancement; breast implants with lift; and tummy tuck with a concurrent flank liposuction.


Celebrity Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently shared mommy makeover before and after photos of one patient who remains happy with her results years after her surgery.


mommy makeover before and after photos


Two years ago this patient had mommy makeover surgery that consisted of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and flank liposuction, leading to an hourglass figure that is the quintessence of feminine beauty.


The after photo, which the patient sent to Dr. Smiley’s staff, shows that with proper diet and regular exercise, the results of mommy makeover surgery can persist long term. Furthermore, there was no visible scar even though the patient was clad in a scanty see through bikini.


Dr. Smiley says that he makes every effort to place the tummy tuck scar, which usually goes from hip to hip and has a curved shape, beneath the bikini area to hide the surgical stigmata. Furthermore, he closes the wound in several rows of absorbable sutures, without picking up the skin that is only held together by a surgical tape.


And with no or very little tension on the skin, the vast majority of his patients can expect that their tummy tuck scars fade into the background.


Most of Dr. Smiley’s tummy tucks also incorporate navel repair (e.g., reducing its size or turning an outie into an innie). He performs this with the creation of an incision in which the resulting scar settles deep inside the belly button.


“The belly button is the most important anatomy in tummy tuck because it is the most visible,” Dr. Smiley says in his recent Snapchat video.


Meanwhile, the patient’s breast augmentation also resulted in an invisible scar.


Dr. Smiley says he prefers the peri-areolar technique in which the scar is made precisely at the dark-light skin junction where the scar “heals and fades nicely.”


While the final scar appearance depends on genetic predisposition to a certain degree, Dr. Smiley says that “proper care” can also make a huge difference; these should always include sun protection for a minimum of six months and the use of silicone gel sheets while the scar has not yet achieved its “full maturity.”

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