Mommy Makeover Before and After Pictures

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The surgeons’ collection of mommy makeover before and after pictures can shed light on their technical and artistic dexterity. The results should look natural and proportionate to the patient’s body, with no blatant signs of plastic surgery such as skin and contour irregularities and poor scars.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says mommy makeover, or multiple plastic surgeries to improve post-pregnancy bodies, has seen a dramatic increase over the past several years.


mommy makeover before and after pictures

Dr. Smiley combines breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and flank liposuction to achieve holistic improvement in the patient’s physique.


Recently, Dr. Smiley has posted mommy makeover before and after pictures of a patient who has had breast augmentation with lift and tummy tuck with liposuction of the flank.


Breast lift was deemed a critical auxiliary procedure of breast augmentation. Without correcting the pre-existing ptosis (sagging of the tissue), the implants may settle too low and/or the Snoopy breast deformity may occur in which the patient appears to have two sets of inframammary fold.


Due to the patient’s significant breast ptosis, she required the standard or anchor breast lift in which incisions were made around the areola, down the midline, and across the base of the breast.


Aside from elevating the tissue with internal sutures, the anchor breast lift also allowed areolar reduction, resulting in more attractive breast appearance.


Dr. Smiley then inserted an implant in each breast pocket, ensuring that it would lie centrally behind the areolar complex; this placement results in a teardrop shape that is the quintessence of attractive, youthful breasts.


Afterwards, he performed liposuction of the flanks with the creation of small round puncture wounds were a cannula or flexible hollowed tube was inserted and moved back and forth. The idea was to remove “troublesome fats,” which would then allow him to tighten and pull more skin centrally, making it easier to achieve a narrower waistline.


After contouring the flanks, Dr. Smiley created hip-to-hip incisions made very low so the resulting tummy tuck scar would be hidden by the patient’s underwear.


Dr. Smiley used a highly customized tummy tuck to achieve natural results. He incorporated muscle repair for flatter and narrowing “effects” on the waistline, and navel repair to correct its unusually wide appearance.

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