Sample Photos Depicting Best Mommy Makeover Results

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Mommy makeover is a combination of two or more surgeries to improve a woman’s post-pregnancy body. Examples of the most common procedures include tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen, some type of breast enhancement to correct the sagging or empty-looking upper breast pole, and liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.


To shed light on the issue, renowned body contouring plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has shown some photo samples of his best mommy makeover results.


Patient 1


Patient no. 1 sought Dr. Smiley’s expertise to correct her barrel-shaped abdomen caused by previous pregnancies. Instead of just removing the excess fat, the celebrity plastic surgeon has also tightened the pair of vertical muscle running between the sternum and the pubis area.


With muscle repair, Dr. Smiley was able to create a corset-like effect, which has been further complemented by liposuction of the flanks. The idea was to create a smoother, more feminine curve between the hips and the waist.


To further achieve a more feminine waistline, the surgeon also created a new smaller navel.


Patient 2


Patient no. 2 received breast lift and tummy tuck, a common mommy makeover combo. She has been considered as a good candidate for breast lift alone approach (no implants) because her “starting” anatomy involved having a sufficient breast tissue coverage; hence, by simply transposing some of the lower pole tissue into the upper pole Dr. Smiley was able to create better mid and upper cleavage.


Like most patients of Dr. Smiley, she also had muscle repair during her tummy tuck. This is a critical step to eliminate the fullness of her anterior abdomen and to correct the barrel-shaped torso.


Patient 3


Patient no. 3 received tummy tuck complemented by liposuction of the flanks, navel repair, muscle plication/repair, and pubis lift. It is important to note that the mons pubis may sag due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or aging.


The idea of a simultaneous pubis lift is to create a smooth transition between the lower abdomen and the mons pubis. This is done by re-anchoring the mons into the deeper tissue before the hip-to-hip incision is closed with sutures.


Just like the rest of Dr. Smiley’s patients, her tummy tuck scar is positioned very low that it is concealed even by a scanty or low-cut underwear. With time, the scar is almost always expected to fade into the background.

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