4 Guidelines to Achieve Natural Results from Brow Lift

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A brow lift, also referred to as forehead lift, is a cosmetic plastic surgery that aims to raise the sagging soft tissues of the forehead, to remove or at least soften the wrinkles above the nose, and to correct the low-lying eyebrows. If meticulously executed, the procedure has a high patient satisfaction because of its rejuvenating effect.

However, over-aggressive surgical maneuvers more often than not lead to botched results manifested by a perennially surprised appearance, feminization of the face (on male patients), and visible scarring.


To avoid botched results, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir shares his four guidelines to achieve natural results from brow lift.

1.  Don’t perform it on someone who doesn’t need it.

The vast majority of botched brow lifts happen because the procedure is unwarranted in the first place. Sometimes, inexperienced surgeons perform the surgery on patients who only require an upper blepharoplasty (removing the excess eyelid skin).

As long as the lateral part of the brow is in good position and there is no excessive hooding of the skin in the area, brow lift is unwarranted.

2.  Don’t be too aggressive.

A perennially surprised appearance is often caused by lifting the brow too high. For most patients, just a conservative amount of lift in the lateral aspect of the brow is enough to make a difference.

Because “less is more” in brow lift, temporal or short-scar techniques in which small incisions are positioned behind the hairline near the temple area are the most commonly used methods by skilled facial plastic surgeons.

3.  The patient’s gender largely dictates the ideal brow lift technique.

For women, the outer brow (towards the temple) should curve higher than men’s to achieve a more rejuvenated appearance. Male patients, meanwhile, will look more attractive if their brows appear “heavier” and lower compared to females’.

In brow lift for men, being too aggressive in skin lifting is particularly detrimental because of the feminization effect. Nevertheless, both genders will benefit if the inner brow (above the nose) is left untouched or only lifted in a very conservative manner.

4.  Brow lift involves attention to detail, especially when it comes its shape.

A youthful, feminine brow lies slightly above the level of orbital rim, i.e., upper border of the eye’s bony socket. Its shape also has some gentle curves, with its “tail” higher than the medial end.

Meanwhile, men’s brow is supposed to appear less “curvy” and heavier than women’s.

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