Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons—Knowing What Qualifications to Look For

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Brazilian butt lift surgeons must augment and reshape their patients’ “behind” using excess fat sourced from another area of their body. But to achieve near permanent results, the injected fats or grafts must form a new blood supply, according to California Surgical Institute website.

A Brazilian butt lift combines two procedures to reshape one’s buttocks: liposuction as a way to harvest the fats, which is then followed by re-injection of grafts.


As with any body contouring surgery, a Brazilian butt lift requires technical skills and “eye for detail” to achieve natural-looking results that can last a lifetime.

The list below explains the qualifications you should look for in your plastic surgeon.

  • Right board certifications

While there are countless professional-sounding boards, only consult with someone who is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which makes him uniquely qualified to perform your surgery.

Take note that ABPS members have completed their education from an accredited medical school; have completed at least two years of supervised residency in plastic surgery; have completed three years of general surgery; have passed the rigorous board exam, which they have to take every 10 years; and have at least two years of professional practice.

  • Experience

Cosmetic plastic surgery is believed to be more “art” than exact science. For this reason, the experience of Brazilian butt lift surgeons plays a crucial role because it gives them the opportunity to hone their artistic skills.

The general rule of thumb is to choose someone who has been doing the surgery regularly for a minimum of five years.

  • Core values

Your doctor’s core values, or guiding principles, should be mainly focused on patient safety. Meanwhile, avoid “arrogant” surgeons who often downplay the risks and are likely to use over-aggressive surgical maneuvers—e.g., removing too much fat in one day, injecting too much fat that the pressure leads to low survival rate, etc.

Also, any surgeon who prioritizes patient safety only performs his surgeries in accredited surgical facilities or hospitals; always works with licensed anesthesiologists and qualified staff; and provides the best aftercare to help achieve impressive results from Brazilian butt lift.

  • Artistic skills

Your doctor’s before-and-after photos will reveal a lot about his skills in creating a curvier, natural-looking result. Keep in mind that impressive contours can be achieved if a surgeon takes into account his patient’s overall anatomy, particularly her pre-existing butt shape, bone structure, waist-to-hip ratio, and height.

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