Brazilian Buttock Lift Results Are More Impressive When Hips Are Included

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The Brazilian butt lift results can be more impressive when the hips, which in essence are the lateral aspect of the buttocks, are included as well. For this reason, leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley almost always includes the area to create a nice curvature.


Improving the hips contour at the same time will also give an illusion of a rounder, fuller backside, says the celebrity surgeon. As a result, he allocates about a third of the donor fats collected through liposuction to the hip area, while the remaining is injected into the actual buttocks.


brazilian butt lift results


In his recent Snapchat video post, he has shown a female patient with noticeable side indentations and flat hips that further worsened the appearance of her flat buttocks.


The female patient required liposuction of the lower back and flanks not just to remove the appearance of “fat rolls” but also to “curve out a more feminine silhouette” in which the hips and buttock profile are further “emphasized.”


In the video, the celebrity plastic surgeon is seen filling out the lateral depressions along the hips to create a smoother transition between them and the buttocks. Also by improving the hip contour, the butt’s posterior view is further enhanced.


Aside from liposuction of the lower back and flanks, Dr. Smiley also collected donor fats from the “bra rolls” for a more holistic improvement of the feminine curvature.


To achieve high survival rate of fat grafts, Dr. Smiley uses centrifuge to separate and remove biomaterials (e.g., blood) and “broken” fat cells so that only the purest and healthiest fats are transferred to the buttocks.


Structural fat grafting injection further ensures high survival rate and smooth results. This technique involves “micro-injection” of fat (less than 0.1 cc) to gradually build up new soft tissue and ensure blood vessel ingrowth.


Without blood vessel ingrowth, the fats will simply die and become absorbed by the surrounding tissue.


Aside from meticulous handling of fat, Dr. Smiley says the survival rate will also depend on patient cooperation. A good rule of thumb is to avoid direct sitting (i.e., the patient should make every effort to sit on her posterior thigh with the use of boppy pillow or U-shaped cushion) for at least three weeks.


And during sleep, the patient must assume a fetal position in which she must lean more toward her stomach to prevent inadvertent shifting of fats along her hips.

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