Brow Lift Surgery and Its Effect on Forehead Height

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A brow lift surgery removes or softens the horizontal lines across the forehead, raises the sagging brows that may cover some part of the upper eyelids, and eliminates the “11” lines between the eyebrows.

Depending on the amount of excess skin, forehead height, hairline (or hair loss problem if there is any), and skin quality, the surgery may involve one continuous incision from ear to ear, or 2-5 shorter cuts behind the hairline.


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir says the traditional brow lift called coronal technique can make the forehead look higher by increasing the space between the hairline and the eyebrows. This is an issue for someone whose preoperative forehead is already large.

During a coronal brow lift, an ear-to-ear incision behind the hairline is created to lift the saggy skin and deeper structures. But due to such “mechanism,” it is only ideal for patients without a high forehead and do not require specific or “spot” correction of their brows.

The distance between the incision and the brow gives a coronal lift less accuracy when it comes to brow elevation. Another potential risk is the bald patch, which happens if there is an excessive amount of trauma/injury to the hair follicles and their surrounding blood supply.

Due to the side effects of coronal brow lift, a growing number of plastic surgeons are becoming partial to the use of minimally invasive techniques in which shorter incisions behind the hairline are used instead of one straight cut.

One popular technique is called endoscopic brow lift in which 2-5 small incisions are created so that a fiber-optic camera (attached to a screen) allows the surgeons to view the deeper structures of the forehead.

Another less invasive approach is the lateral lift in which a small temporal incision on each side of the face is used to lift the lateral brow, resulting in an elegant, more rested appearance. Some experts believe that a good number of patients will benefit from this procedure because it is quite rare for anyone to need her/his entire brow to be lifted.

A lateral brow lift is particularly suitable for male patients whose brow is innately lower and appear “heavier” than women’s. For this demographic, aggressive lifting of the forehead skin can either lead to a quizzical look or effeminate appearance.

In general, minimally invasive brow lifts will not alter one’s hairline or lead to a higher forehead.

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