Facial Implants—Could They Provide Natural Results?

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Facial implants such as those used to correct the near absent chin, weak jaw, and gaunt cheeks are supposed to provide results that feel and look natural. But for this to be possible, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir says the patient’s underlying anatomies should always be taken into account.

Dr. Dhir says a surgeon’s facial implants before and after photos can reveal a lot about his artistic skills, or lack thereof. Not only should they appear natural, they must also rejuvenate the face and improve facial symmetry based on the patient’s gender and aesthetic goals.


Chin implants

Chin implants can provide natural results if they are customized based on the patient’s underlying anatomies. For most people, these are used to improve the chin’s profile rather than increase the height of their face.

These implants, which are usually made of solid silicone, must be attached to the bone so they will act and feel like its extension. Also, they should not move or migrate for them to appear natural that no ordinary observer can tell if a patient has had the surgery.

Cheek implants

They should be fastened to the cheekbone so they will not move and will feel like its extension. However, during the initial healing stage they might appear slightly palpable until a scar tissue forms around them and prevents them from moving.

Aside from sculpting the cheek implants so they can fit into the underlying anatomies, it is equally important to take into account any slight asymmetry of the face.

Most cheek implants today are made of semi-firm silicone that blends well with the cheekbone if they are positioned correctly. However, some plastic surgeons remain partial to dermal fillers and fat grafting, which are both injected into the cheeks.

Proponents of fat grafting and dermal filler injections believe that they provide a more natural outcome than cheek implants because they are as soft as the surrounding tissue. But one downside is that their results do not last as long as the silicone implants’.

Jaw implants

These are commonly used in men whose near absent jaw makes them look effeminate, although some women can also benefit from these implants if they are bothered by their overly narrow, long face.

To achieve natural results, jaw implants must be resized and reshaped based on the underlying anatomies and in a way that they will widen the angle of the jawline, thus improving the facial balance.

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