Is It Possible to Get Long-Lasting Results from Breast Lift?

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Breast lift surgery or mastopexy uses incisions starting from the nipple level down to the inframammary fold to tighten the loose tissue and skin.  As with any body contouring procedure, it can only deliver predictable results if the patient is near her ideal weight.

Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smaili says that a well-executed surgery creates a “perkier” breast that will not droop for decades, adding that if ever it occurs, rarely does the nipple area lies too low to the point that it warrants a revision surgery.


Nevertheless, the list below shows the factors that can affect the long-term results of breast lift, as explained by the renowned plastic surgeon:

*  Weight

As with any body contouring surgery, breast lift’s results are also dependent on the patient’s ability to maintain a healthy weight, which is only possible through more active lifestyle and balanced diet.

If the patient is experiencing significant weight fluctuations, any form of breast surgery is not ideal because the cosmetic results could be highly unpredictable.

*  Skin quality

During breast lift surgery, a small amount of excess skin is typically removed to create a more pleasing shape and proportion.  However, it does not change or improve the overall skin quality.

* Lifestyle factors

While skin quality is partly affected by genetic factors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle—such as using sunscreen, avoiding tobacco products, and keeping a stable weight—is one effective way to prolong the results of breast lift or any type of body contouring surgery.

*  Surgical maneuvers

A skin-only breast lift used to be a popular technique until the surgeons realized that it often led to short-lived results—i.e., bottoming out was a real concern because of the lack of support for the new contour.

Nowadays, plastic surgeons also go deeper into the breast tissue layers to reshape them, possibly with the use of internal sutures and/or biological mesh, to create a strong support that holds the new contour in place.

If the breast is large and heavy, it might be helpful to perform breast reduction at the time of breast lift.  The two procedures share the same incision sites, so combining them does not result in more scars.

*  Future pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to breast involution, which leads to changes in its size to pave way for lactation.  As a result, it can affect the breast lift result, especially if the patient gains an excessive amount of weight while pregnant.

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