Liposuction Tips for Smoother, More Natural Results

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Liposuction tips for smoother, more natural results as explained by leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley (as seen on his Snapchat videos).


  • Use of microcannula


Instead of using large cannulas or hollowed flexible tubes when removing the “unwanted” fat, Dr. Smiley prefers microcannulas whose outside diameter is significantly smaller (2.5 mm or even less).


liposuction tips


While the use of microcannulas makes the process of fat extraction longer, they make up for the high degree of precision. For this reason, they can significant minimize the risk of dents and other untoward side effects of over liposuction.


Dr. Smiley highlights the importance of leaving enough fats beneath the skin to deliver smooth and natural results from liposuction.


  • Moving the microcannula at correct speed


After posting several videos demonstrating how he delivers smooth results from liposuction, many viewers asked the celebrity plastic surgeon why he “moves his cannula in a rather quick manner.”


In his recent Snapchat video post, he explained the importance of moving the cannula from one area to another in a fairly swift method to avoid removing too much fat.


“When the cannula stays too long in one area, it may remove way too much fat that the skin would collapse much like a Swiss cheese,” he said.


  • Liposuction may actually entail simultaneous fat transfer


Dr. Smiley had corrected indentations from a previous botched liposuction performed by another surgeon. The female patient had visible dents in the abdomen caused by removing too much fat to the point that her skin “collapsed.”


He corrected these skin irregularities with microcannula, which he moved back and forth parallel to the skin and in a rather quick manner. And instead of throwing away all the collected fats, he re-injected some of them into the indentations to smooth them out.


  • The success all boils down to correct patient selection


One of the most critical liposuction tips, he said, is to choose the “ideal” candidates—i.e., they are of normal, stable weight; they understand the importance of healthy lifestyle as a long-term approach to maintain the cosmetic results; they have no serious medical condition; and their skin has a good level of elasticity or “shrinkage.”

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