Male Facelift Procedures and the Subtle Nuances

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A facelift surgery eliminates or softens the visible signs of aging in the face and neck with the use of hidden incisions placed behind the hairline and/or within the ear’s contour. However, a more important goal is to create results that respect the patient’s anatomy, motives and expectations, and gender.

Male facelift procedures face unique challenges because of issues involving the anatomy and the patient’s goals.


Men have thicker, more vascularized skin than women, which predisposes them to increased risk of bleeding and persistent bruising. For this reason, renowned Los Angeles plastic surgeons will avoid any unnecessary surgical trauma and may possibly consider “modified” or minimally invasive techniques.

Another anatomical difference is that men tend to have a less severe cause of jowling than women. And because they require less contouring in the area, the incisions typically just stop behind their ear.

On the other hand, patients who have jowling and neck sagging will need their incisions to be extended into the lower scalp or nape area. Nevertheless, the resulting scars remain well concealed within the hairline and “inside” the natural folds of skin.

Another challenge of male facelift surgery is the susceptibility of men from hair loss, making it trickier to hide the scars. But one compromise is to modify the incision pattern in which the scars are only around the ear’s contour, avoiding the temporal area (used in standard facelift technique) because there is no hairline to conceal the surgery’s “stigmata.”

However, a facelift technique that is limited to the ear’s contour will not provide the same rejuvenating effects as those delivered by the standard approach in which the scars start from the temple area, behind the hairline.

But despite the limited rejuvenating effects of minimally invasive facelifts, they are suitable for a good number of male patients because they tend to have a more conservative goal—i.e., to soften the deep wrinkles without actually eliminating them.

Some doctors will deliberately allow some wrinkles to preserve the masculine and “more mature” appearance. This is a way better option than rely on excessive skin pulling, which is tied to a wide range of cosmetic problems such as visible scars, overly tight look, and probably the worst, effeminate countenance.

In some cases, the only way to correct the overly tight appearance is to wait for the skin to relax again, which can take a couple of years.

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for male facelift patients to ask for brow lift performed at the same time as their surgery. In this procedure, it is important to raise the brow conservatively to preserve the “heavy” masculine look.

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