Neck Lift Surgery Photos—Variables You Should Pay Close Attention To

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A neck lift surgery is a highly customized procedure because aging differs from patient to patient. But typically, it removes the sagging skin and fat responsible for the jowling, tightens the platysma muscle that appears like vertical grooves, and eliminates the excess fat to correct the “double chin.”

For many patients, neck lift is also performed as a part of full facelift or other facial rejuvenation surgeries.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir says neck lift surgery photos will reveal a lot about a doctor’s artistic skills, which are important in any type of facial rejuvenation procedures.

The list below shows the variables that you should pay close attention to when examining a doctor’s neck lift “after” photos.

  • No visible scars. A neck lift typically uses incisions behind the ear or around its contour and sometimes another one under the chin for an additional amount of contouring.

Incisions are closed in several layers to eliminate any unnecessary tension from the skin, allowing the scars to heal and fade to the point that they are barely imperceptible within a year. Also, this technique can minimize the risk of scar migration and “pulled-on” or pixie ear deformity.

  • The neck contour must be smooth. To remove the appearance of vertical grooves in the center of the neck, the platysma muscle must be reshaped and tightened. Failure to address this problem defeats the purpose of achieving a rejuvenated look.
  • The skin must appear smooth. Under-correction lead to some residual excess skin, while over-correction can result in an overly tight appearance. A skilled surgeon knows how to strike the perfect balance between removing the excess skin and preserving the natural contour of the neck.
  • There should be no depression and other irregularities. While the excess fat contributes to jowling, it is crucial not to overdo the procedure lest it results in less than optimal contour.

Over-aggressive fat removal can also lead to platysma muscle becoming visible right after surgery or at a later date. For this reason, a good surgeon will only remove a conservative amount of fat to anticipate further facial volume loss, which happens due to advancing age.

  • The side burn should look “normal.” A traditional neck lift uses an incision that begins in the hairline at the level of the sideburn, which then continues around the ear.

Proper wound closure is important to prevent scar migration, disappearance or displacement of side burns, and other stigmata of surgery.

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