Perfect Time to Have a Mommy Makeover Surgery

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Plastic surgeons have coined the term mommy makeover surgery to describe any procedure that aims to reverse the effects of pregnancy—or at least minimize the physical changes it has brought on.

Basically, a mommy makeover procedure is a type of body contouring in which the saggy skin and sometimes even the deeper muscle (just like in the case of tummy tuck) are removed, tightened, and/or reshaped.


Any attempt to surgically improve the body’s contour demands a perfect timing, which is determined by many factors.  However, having a normal weight that has stabilized for at least six to eight months is crucial to make sure the results can last for decades or even a lifetime.

Tummy tuck is arguably the most popular mommy makeover surgery as it deals with the abdomen, which is the area significantly affected by pregnancy.  While it can effectively tighten the loose muscle and excise the hanging skin, it should only be attempted once the body has fully recovered from childbirth and hormonal fluctuations.

It is important to note that if a woman chooses to breastfeed, her hormones will remain higher than normal even months after giving birth.  This leads to skin and tissue unable to shrink back or at least regain some of their former firmness, thus a longer waiting period is important.

Breast lift is another popular mommy makeover surgery, which is often complemented by implants to help mothers regain the lost fullness in their upper poles.

But before any breast enhancement surgery is attempted, it is a sacrosanct rule to make sure that milk production has completely stopped lest it would significantly increase the risk of infection and poor wound healing—complications which can be minimized with proper planning.

Meanwhile, all types of mommy makeover surgery require long-term maintenance, i.e., making sure one is able to maintain a stable weight throughout her life through a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Aside from having a stable weight maintained through healthy lifestyle choices, another way to keep the results of surgery long lasting is to only have it if one completely rules out pregnancy in the future, which could affect, if not reverse, the results.

If any of the surgical prerequisites is absent, the consensus is to postpone the surgery.  Simply put, each factor determines the perfect or ideal timing to have a mommy makeover procedure to achieve the best aesthetic result possible.

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