Who Performs Eyelid Surgery Procedure?

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Facial plastic surgery is a broad medical practice that someone who delivers great results from facelift may not always be able to do the same with eyelid surgery procedure, as suggested by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir.

The most crucial step to achieve good results from eyelid surgery procedure is to find a “qualified” surgeon who must meet the stringent requirements stated below:

  • Appropriate board certification
eyelid surgery procedure

Before-and-After Photos of a Patient Who Have Had an Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Surgeons with board certification in general plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, and/or ophthalmology can deliver predictable results, assuming that they routinely perform it for several years.

  • Specific training and experience

The “right” surgeon must be performing the sought procedure on a regular basis, with hundreds, if not thousands, of surgeries under his belt. His portfolio of before-and-after images of previous works will serve as a proof of his level of expertise and experience.

  • High patient satisfaction

A prudent person should ask for patient references and her doctor’s complication and revision rates. In addition, it makes sense that she considers her surgeon’s reputation.

Aside from previous patient references, other good sources include referrals from friends, family, and/or general physician. Nevertheless, it remains important to conduct one’s own background check and due diligence.

It is important to note that high patient satisfaction and low complication rates are only possible if the surgeon makes all the effort to conduct proper patient selection and promotes honest communications and good rapport.

Traps to Avoid:

Some patients choose their doctors based on price alone, others rely heavily on catchy ads or “brand names” of a surgical technique without realizing that these could prevent them to perform their due diligence.

While paying a premium price does not automatically ensure better results, a doctor whose fees are way lower than the average (eyelid surgery involving both the upper and lower lid typically costs $4,000-$6,000) could mean that patient safety has been compromised to preserve his profit margin.

Aside from heavily discounted plastic surgeries, a prudent patient should also avoid doctors who pressure them to have more procedures than they want. It is important to note that surgeons must adhere to high ethical standards that are anchored in patient safety and high satisfaction.

Qualified and reputable surgeons remain busy that they will not rely on discount plastic surgeries to attract more patients despite economic downturn. Some experts even say that lowering the fees too drastically could be a sign of desperation of non-specialists/unqualified doctors, as opposed to just a marketing strategy.

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