Plastic Surgery Safety and the Issue Involving Surgical Facilities

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Plastic surgery safety should be the utmost priority of any plastic surgeon, says Dr. Tarick Smiley who is the medical director of the California Surgical Institute.


Dr. Smiley has recently posted a series of Snapchat videos in an attempt to explain the importance of having one’s surgery at an accredited surgical facility, which is also referred to as ambulatory facility or same day surgery center.


“Plastic surgery is not just about doing the operation. Because we prioritize patient safety one of our most critical tasks is overseeing the facility centers. Currently, we have four accredited surgical facilities; they have been accredited for over 10 years. This means that they meet the strictest safety standard required by health regulators,” he said in the Snapchat video.


“Even the air ventilation system is designed to reduce risk of contamination and infection,” he added.


The list below explains the specific benefits of having one’s surgery at an accredited surgical facility:


  • It is fully equipped with medical apparatus and medications should a complication arise.
  • The staff members are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Should the patient require an overnight stay, she will receive round-the-clock care by licensed medical staff.
  • The staff receives regular training to ensure patient safety.
  • The staff knows the emergency plan that is implemented should any complication arise that requires transferring patients to a hospital.


Dr. Smiley prides himself for being fastidious in terms of patient safety and comfort that all the blankets, covers, and even the fluids used by patients are “warmed” in a special storage, which he has shown in his Snapchat posts.


To further promote plastic surgery safety, Dr. Smiley said he regularly uses sequential compression device, which resembles a pair of leggings worn during surgery. It works by “massaging” the lower limb to promote good blood circulation, which in turn reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis or blood clots.


Dr. Smiley’s accredited surgical facilities also contain state-of-the-art equipment to promote patient safety. For instance, Cell Saver processes the bodily fluids collected during liposuction and then filters out the red blood cells, which are re-infused into the patient.


With the use of Cell Saver, no or very little blood loss occurs after liposuction. Hence, patients can expect a shorter and more convenient recovery—i.e., no significant lethargy and nausea, which usually follows after large volume liposuction.

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