Renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Uses Snapchat to Educate Patients

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Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has started using social media platforms, including Snapchat, to educate more patients about popular plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, body lift after weight loss, facelift, and rhinoplasty (nose job).


Despite already using mainstream social network media such as Facebook, Dr. Smiley has decided to utilize Snapchat as it offers unique tools that make it easy to disseminate videos, photos, and brief explanations geared towards users who might be considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon


Unlike most social networks, Snapchat posts are not buried in a busy timeline, allowing followers to view videos and photos easily, although these are only available between 1 and 10 seconds.


While it may sound counterintuitive, the brief “lifespan” of “Snaps” could lead to users’ undivided attention.


And because Snapchat focuses on images and videos, it gives faster information compared with “written” contents, making them popular among online users.


To further reach out to more people and help them make an informed decision, Dr. Smiley makes all the effort to use layman’s term when explaining how he performs his surgeries, including ways to achieve natural results and minimize or eliminate potential risks.

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