Male Breast Reduction Surgery—Why Your Weight Matters

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Male breast reduction surgery is supposed to provide a near permanent result. However, this is only possible with proper patient selection in which his health, weight, motives and expectations, and lifestyle are all taken into account.

Dr. Tarick Smaili, a renowned Upland plastic surgery expert, explains the reasons why your weight matters prior to male breast reduction or any type of body contouring procedure.


  1. Predictable results. Take note that overweight and obese patients are poor candidates for this surgery because there is a good chance that shedding the extra is enough to correct their enlarge breasts.

Also, being near one’s ideal weight can help his doctor make proper assessment, thus reducing the risk of over- or under-correction.

Aside from correcting the enlargement, the surgery must also provide results that look natural rather than “operated-on.” For this reason, it is important to maintain some fat and skin to prevent the hollowed look and unfavorable scarring.

  1. Lower risk of complication. One recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal has suggested that obese patients who had plastic surgery were 35 percent more likely than normal weight individuals to have emergency visit or hospital admission within 30 days after their operation.

Experts suggest that the increased complication risk is due to obese patients’ predisposition to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, and other medical conditions that can compromise their healing.

Also, adipose or fat tissue has been found to be poorly vascularized—i.e., low blood supply—that makes obese patients susceptible to infection, delayed healing, and poor scarring.

  1. Less medical expenses. Being near your ideal weight prior to surgery means less hospital admission or emergency visit due to postop complications. This means a lot if you are paying out of pocket for the procedure.

Also, remember that most insurance companies rarely cover the cost of complications associated with [elective] plastic surgery.

  1. Results can last a lifetime. Once the excess soft tissue has been removed, there is a very small chance that breast enlargement will recur. Nevertheless, it is only true for normal weight patients who are able to keep the extra pounds at bay through long-term weight management.

On the other hand, anyone who is experiencing yoyo weight is not a good candidate for any type of body contouring surgery because the real underlying problem is not the redundant skin or excess breast tissue and fat, but his inability to keep a healthy weight long term.

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