Male Facial Plastic Surgery for a Chiseled Jaw and Chin

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A chiseled jawline complemented by a defined chin is almost a prerequisite for a strong and attractive male face, says prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


Meanwhile, the appearance of weak chin that threatens to disappear from the neck, or the tapered jaw that resembles a Disney princess’ might obliterate the masculinity of the face.


male facial plastic surgery

Superman actor Henry Cavill is known for his strikingly handsome chiseled face.

Of course, the double chin appearance and jowling also prevent men from achieving a more chiseled appearance, which is generally defined as having prominent features and angular face.


These are some of the options used in male facial plastic surgery to achieve a chiseled jawline and a distinguished chin.


  • Kybella injection


This FDA-approved fat melting drug is made of a synthetic form of salt found in the gallbladder, an organ which helps digest food. Kybella, meanwhile, is created to digest excess fat behind the chin.


Kybella typically requires 2-3 treatments before it can eliminate the double chin appearance.


  • Chin and neck liposuction


Chin and neck liposuction is reserved for patients who need the most amount of correction—i.e., their chin fat extends to the neck or their unwanted fat is 300 cc or more.


This surgery typically involves a small round incision placed behind the chin, precisely at the skin fold for optimal scar concealment.


  • Radiesse for a more defined jawline


Radiesse injection uses a calcium compound that can augment the bone structure. When injected into the jawline, focusing more on the area below the ear, it can create a more angular and chiseled visage, which is generally perceived to be attractive in men.


Occasionally, Radiesse is also injected into the chin to bring it forward, further complementing the appearance of an angular jaw.


  • Chin and jaw implants


Chin implants are primarily designed to improve the chin profile (or forward projection) instead of giving additional vertical height. Jaw implants, meanwhile, correct the tapered jaw that can feminize the face.


Some patients require both chin and jaw implants to achieve proportionate results.


It should be noted that some male patients who receive rhinoplasty (nose job) can benefit from a simultaneous chin augmentation. After all, studies have suggested that the nose and chin have a large effect on facial proportion and perceived attractiveness.

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