Brazilian Buttock Lift and Hips Appearance

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Brazilian buttock lift is basically a body contouring procedure that combines liposuction and fat injection. Liposuction allows the surgeon to collect unwanted fats, which are then used to reshape and augment the patient’s backside.


Despite its name, in no way that the Brazilian buttock lift can “lift” sagging buttocks, which typically follows massive weight loss. Nonetheless, augmenting the upper half of the butt in a way that it projects more than the lower aspect can give an illusion of a lifting effect provided that the patient has no skin and tissue laxity.

Brazilian buttock lift and hips

Before and after photos of Dr. Smiley’s patient who have had Brazilian buttock lift. She is very happy with the final contour, particularly of the curvier hip appearance.

However, creating great results from Brazilian butt lift entails more than just injecting fats. An equally important goal is to reshape the backside in which it looks proportionate to the rest of the body, and wherein there is a smooth transition to the adjacent areas—e.g., lower back, flanks, posterior thigh, and hips.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says that Brazilian buttock lift and hips enhancement are almost always combined to achieve a smoother, more feminine physique. The idea is to not just improve the anterior “projection” but also give additional lateral bulge.


The hips, or to be more specific, the lateral aspect of the buttocks, typically receive about one-third of the fat volume injection, while the rest goes to the “anterior” projection and shape, says Dr. Smiley in his previous videos on Snapchat.


In general, patients will need at least 800 cc of purified fat (liposuctioned fats that have been filtered) on each butt cheek to achieve visible improvements in their buttocks and hips. In fact, Dr. Smiley says that a good portion of his patients have had more than 1000 cc on each side to achieve their desired results.


However, the celebrity plastic surgeon has warned that too much fat injection—i.e., there is too much stress on the skin and fascia, which in turn leads to sagging buttocks, cellulites, and dimpling—is to be avoided to ensure that the results are near permanent.

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