Facial Plastic Surgery—Could I Have Multiple Procedures in One Day?

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Facial plastic surgeries such as facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), cheek or chin implant, and fat graft are performed on patients who want to reduce the signs of aging and/or create a more balanced appearance.

The most notable benefit of having multiple procedures all performed in one day is the lower surgical cost than getting them separately since you only have to pay for one surgical facility and anesthesia fee.  The convenience of one post-op recovery is another advantage with this approach.


In spite of the obvious benefits of “combo procedures,” double board certified Dr. Karan Dhir said safety is the main issue rather than the number of surgeries performed in one day.

The consensus among board certified plastic surgeons, according to Dr. Dhir, is to perform cosmetic or elective surgeries under five to six hours in an attempt to avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of developing complications such as increased bleeding, high surgical trauma, and general anesthesia-related risks.

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for plastic surgeons to further limit the operative time when dealing with older patients, i.e., 55 years and above, and individuals who have certain medical conditions that may increase the risk of complications.

If your combo procedures will take a lot of time, take note that a good surgeon will most likely recommend performing them separately in an attempt to minimize the risk.

You also have to consider that certain facial procedures cannot be done at the same time because doing so could lead to “unpredictable” results, cosmetically poor outcome, and delayed healing.  For instance, many surgeons feel that a full facelift surgery should not be combined with an immediate fat graft because the “added volume” might move.

However, mini or “isolated” facelifts may be combined with fat graft as long as it is used in uncompromised areas—the skin and underlying facial muscle are not lifted and reshaped.

Some mini facelift patients may also undergo rhinoplasty at the same time as their surgery if they want to correct their “aging” nose manifested by the drooping tip and/or more pronounced humps in the nasal bridge.

Whether you decide to have multiple procedures performed all at the same time or have them separately, the number one rule is to only consult a board certified surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery; stay away from non-specialists as they accounted for the majority of botched cosmetic procedures.

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