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Male chest reduction surgery is not just about removing the excess tissue and fat that are causing the appearance of “man boobs.” Other equally important goals include creating high level of symmetry between the two sides, ensuring smooth and natural contour, and avoiding surgical stigmata such as surface irregularities and visible scars.


Prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted male chest reduction before and after photos on Snapchat to demonstrate what the surgery can [realistically] accomplish.


male breast reduction before and after photos


Dr. Smiley combined liposuction and direct excision technique to achieve a more masculine physique. This “combo” surgery has allowed him to extract up to 2 liters of fat and copious amounts of glandular [breast] tissue.


He first performed liposuction to remove the excess fat through a small cannula (hollowed tube) that could fit into a puncture hole placed right at the lower border of the areola for optimal scar concealment.


When doing liposuction, Dr. Smiley said he preferred the tumescent technique in which large volume of fluids that contain saline, lidocaine (local anesthesia), and epinephrine (to constrict the blood vessels and thus limit the amount of bleeding) are injected into the treatment site.


With liposuction, he was able to remove around 1 liter of unwanted fat on each side.


Next, Dr. Smiley created an incision still right at the lower border of the areola so the scar would remain hidden. The idea, he said, was to remove the excess glandular tissue.


gynecomastia surgery

“The white glandular tissue is extremely fibrous and so it will not come out with liposuction alone. Most patients really need an excision-based technique to achieve a nicer and flatter chest,” Dr. Smiley said on Snapchat.


Before closing the incisions, the surgeon examined both sides to ensure that high level of symmetry has been achieved and possibly to address any contour irregularities while the patient was still on the operating table.


He then closed the incisions with multiple rows of tiny sutures without picking up the skin whose edges were instead held together by surgical tape. With this suturing technique, the skin received no or very little tension, which is the key to favorable scar.

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Fat grafting, also called fat injection and fat transfer, involves removing fat tissue from other parts of the body, which is immediately processed into liquid to be injected into the soft tissue that requires additional volume. In facial rejuvenation surgery, this has completely revolutionized how surgeons eliminate or reduce signs of aging.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted a series of Snapchat videos to demonstrate liquid facelift via fat grafting performed on a female patient.


liquid facelift

Dr. Smiley uses liquid facelift to conceal the patient’s pre jowl sulcus.

“Liquid facelift is a non medical term used to describe fillers or volumizers that are used to correct the appearance of gaunt cheeks, poor transition between the lower lid and cheek, and other signs of soft tissue atrophy or shrinkage,” says Dr. Smiley.


The female patient shown in the Snapchat videos had sought liquid facelift via fat grafting to correct three specific problems: prominent lines below her eyelids, flat mid cheek, and pre jowl sulcus.


Pre jowl sulcus is different from “true” jowl, which is the appearance of slack flesh along the jaw.


Pre jowl sulcus is a subtle bulge on both side of the chin that is a precursor to a full-blown jowl. Instead of standard facelift, this early sign of aging can be concealed by liquid facelift, which can be in the form of fat grafting or traditional fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm.


Some doctors call liquid facelift via fat grafting as a minimal downtime procedure because patients are back on their feet immediately afterwards; however, the social downtime is almost comparable to facelift surgery—i.e., the swelling and bruising will take about 1-2 weeks to subside.


Bruising particularly affects the tear trough in which the skin is the thinnest. But by the third week, most patients are happy with the results although that they would lose a bit of volume (as the swelling further subsides) over the next 3-6 months.


For most patients, the final results of their surgery become apparent after six months.


Aside from volume improvement, Dr. Smiley says fat grafting also provides some lifting effect although not as substantial as the standard facelift surgery in which long incisions are made behind the hairline and within the ear’s curvature.


Also, patients who receive fat grafting can expect some improvements in the texture and appearance of their skin as fats contain copious amounts of stem cells, says the celebrity plastic surgeon.

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The ideal neck liposuction techniques primarily depend on the patient’s skin quality, amount of excess fat, and cosmetic goals. Despite varying methods, the aesthetic goal remains the same: create a firmer and more refined neck and chin angle.


Recently, celebrity Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has posted a Snapchat video demonstrating a surgery performed on a female patient who complained about her double chin appearance and “heavy” jawline.


neck liposuction techniques


Since the patient is young, which often translates to having a good skin shrinkage or elasticity, she has been deemed as a good candidate for a liposuction-alone approach.


A liposuction-alone approach does not require skin excision and thus longer scars are avoided.


Dr. Smiley started the procedure by creating three small incisions (about 1.5 mm); the first one was placed under the chin precisely at the natural skin fold, while the two were placed behind the earlobes for optimal scar concealment.


Occasionally, the use of only one incision behind the chin will suffice. But since the patient had excess fat that extended to a large surface area, a pair of incisions was also necessary to access the fats from different directions, which further promoted smoother results.


Meticulous incision placement was particularly critical because the patient is of ethnic background. Studies have suggested that darker complexion is more susceptible to hyperpigmentation (scar turning significantly darker than the surrounding skin) and keloids.


Aside from meticulous incision placement, the diminutive size of the incision (thanks to the use of liposuction microcannula) has further ensured “invisible” scars.


The use of microcannula is critical in small areas such as the neck and jawline because it removes smaller bits of fat compared to the standard cannula; this of course results in smoother skin surface.


After surgery, the patient was asked to wear a supportive chin strap for at least a week in order to keep swelling to a minimum and help the skin heal closer to the tissue, further improving the angle between the chin and neck.

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Large breast reduction surgery, which entails removing at least 1 pound (or 454 gram) of tissue, typically involves patients whose disproportionately huge breasts are causing physical problems such as poor posture, chronic back and neck pain, rounded shoulders, and migraine headaches.


In extreme cases, some patients even experience shortness of breath and numbness in their fingers, a symptom stemming from the excessive weight pulling on the nerves around their shoulder and collarbone.


large breast reduction

Recently, leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley performed a surgery involving drastic “downsizing” to eliminate physical discomfort experienced by a patient.


The said patient requested for a smaller breast size not just for physical relief but also for improved body proportions. (She has a medium frame body.)


During surgery, which was recently posted on Dr. Smiley’s Snapchat, he created an anchor shaped incision—i.e., the incision went around the areola, down the midline, and across the base of the breast.


The resulting scar around the areola’s border and the one across the base of the breast will be inconspicuous due to their strategic placement. Even the vertical scar, despite its more visible position, is expected to fade into the background within 6-18 months.


One of the most notable benefits of anchor breast reduction technique is the pleasing contour because it allows surgeons to remove excess tissue, fat, and skin quite uniformly. Modified incision patterns, meanwhile, tend to provide less natural shape (i.e., boxy) particularly when the incision across the base of the breast is eliminated.


After reducing the breast size, Dr. Smiley incorporated some breast lift techniques to create a more pleasing contour and to provide additional fullness to the upper cleavage. After all, these two surgeries share the same incision pattern.


Breast lift in general involves suturing the tissue and transposing some of the lower breast pole tissue to the upper cleavage to create a more youthful result.


To further ensure cosmetically pleasing results, Dr. Smiley raised the drooping nipple about 8 cm. The goal was to create at least a 3 cm distance between the areolar complex and the breast crease. In addition, its size was reduced to complement the smaller breast size.

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A chiseled jawline complemented by a defined chin is almost a prerequisite for a strong and attractive male face, says prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


Meanwhile, the appearance of weak chin that threatens to disappear from the neck, or the tapered jaw that resembles a Disney princess’ might obliterate the masculinity of the face.


male facial plastic surgery

Superman actor Henry Cavill is known for his strikingly handsome chiseled face.

Of course, the double chin appearance and jowling also prevent men from achieving a more chiseled appearance, which is generally defined as having prominent features and angular face.


These are some of the options used in male facial plastic surgery to achieve a chiseled jawline and a distinguished chin.


  • Kybella injection


This FDA-approved fat melting drug is made of a synthetic form of salt found in the gallbladder, an organ which helps digest food. Kybella, meanwhile, is created to digest excess fat behind the chin.


Kybella typically requires 2-3 treatments before it can eliminate the double chin appearance.


  • Chin and neck liposuction


Chin and neck liposuction is reserved for patients who need the most amount of correction—i.e., their chin fat extends to the neck or their unwanted fat is 300 cc or more.


This surgery typically involves a small round incision placed behind the chin, precisely at the skin fold for optimal scar concealment.


  • Radiesse for a more defined jawline


Radiesse injection uses a calcium compound that can augment the bone structure. When injected into the jawline, focusing more on the area below the ear, it can create a more angular and chiseled visage, which is generally perceived to be attractive in men.


Occasionally, Radiesse is also injected into the chin to bring it forward, further complementing the appearance of an angular jaw.


  • Chin and jaw implants


Chin implants are primarily designed to improve the chin profile (or forward projection) instead of giving additional vertical height. Jaw implants, meanwhile, correct the tapered jaw that can feminize the face.


Some patients require both chin and jaw implants to achieve proportionate results.


It should be noted that some male patients who receive rhinoplasty (nose job) can benefit from a simultaneous chin augmentation. After all, studies have suggested that the nose and chin have a large effect on facial proportion and perceived attractiveness.

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