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Rhinoplasty surgery, or colloquially referred to as nose job, has a relatively high revision rate that some studies even suggest that it could reach as high as 20 percent. Experts believe the “trend” is caused by the surgery’s innate complexity since other facial features and their distance from one another are all taken into account.

The first step to avoid or at least minimize the risk of revision is for rhinoplasty surgeons to build rapport with their patients. The goal is to know their cosmetic objective in the most accurate manner.


While revision rhinoplasty procedures are often requested to address residual asymmetries and breathing difficulties, anecdotal reports show that a good number of corrective surgeries also involve patients whose postop nose appear attractive by normal standard but are not happy with the results probably due to communication “issue” with their surgeons.

To close the communication gap, today’s rhinoplasty surgeons are using 3D computer imaging that allows their patients to preview the desired result and assess if it looks natural and balanced relative to their facial features. This also allows them to raise pertinent questions and concerns about the procedure.

Most Los Angeles plastic surgeons today use VECTRA 3D Imaging because of its high accuracy in making digital simulation. It has 3D camera that captures several images of patients from different angles, which are then fed into a computer so they can be altered to come up with the “after” photos.

The “after” image can be shown on the screen and rotated at different angles to further help patient visualize the desired result and its appearance among the rest of the facial features.

Some experts believe that 3D imaging technology is particularly helpful in ethnic rhinoplasty, which is a broad term used to describe any nose-reshaping surgery performed on Non-Caucasian patients. In the past, the cosmetic procedure had received some notoriety because of the surgeons’ tendency to be “over-aggressive,” leading to a fragile-looking, super narrow nose that looked operated.

But with the growing understanding of ethnic beauty, Los Angeles plastic surgeons have come up with a gamut of surgical techniques to preserve the patient’s racial traits, with some even allowing a slight nostril flare to create a beautiful nose that appears ethnically consistent with the rest of the face.

Aside from rhinoplasty, 3D imaging technology is also used in a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and reduction, facelift, and neck lift.

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Pop diva Janet Jackson allegedly had a facelift surgery in an attempt to turn back the clock, according to showbiz reports. But instead of looking younger, the star’s cheeks look unusually puffier, while the lateral side of her face appears overly tight and her eyebrows look too arched.

In a recent Vogue fashion event held in Dubai, the star was photographed with her barely recognizable face, shocking paparazzis and fans alike. However, some celebrity plastic surgeons have been quick to point out that it could be a less invasive form of cosmetic enhancement such as Botox and dermal fillers.


Meanwhile, others think that it could be the works of bad make-up, natural effects of aging that is gradually catching up with her face, or weight gain. Or probably a combination of these factors, as some would allege.

Over the past several years, the 48-year-old pop diva’s appearance has changed dramatically, which many experts attributed to a series of plastic surgery that involved breast augmentation, liposuction, countless of rhinoplasties or nose jobs, and minimally invasive forms of facelift. Some media reports have also alleged that the star regularly receives Botox and dermal fillers to keep her wrinkles at bay.

The singer-dancer has never denied some of her plastic surgeries and even admitted in a previous interview that at the age of 16 she had a nose job.

Aside from a series of plastic surgery, the star has also been hounded by controversies about her yoyo weight loss. Over the years, people have been perplexed by her ability to get a slender waist and well-toned abs in no time before gaining a significant amount of weight—a cycle she couldn’t break.

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American Idol star Carrie Underwood has been rumored to have rhinoplasty, or more commonly referred to as nose job, after winning the popular singing contest way back in 2005, according to an article published by Life & Style magazine that cited plastic surgeons who evaluated her before-and-after-photos.

The 31-year-old star is believed to have had rhinoplasty to create a more refined tip and narrower bridge, leading to a more feminine appearance.  But overall, the surgeons who evaluated her before-and-after photos have suggested that her new nose flatters her other facial features.

carrie underwood

The consensus among experts is that a conservative approach is the “default” mode to achieve natural results with rhinoplasty or any other type of facial plastic surgery.

Aside from minimal nasal enhancement, the star has also been rumored to be a fan of Botox injections to keep her forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet at bay.  Some experts have also noted her fuller-looking lips believed to be a work of dermal fillers such as collagen or hyaluronic acids.

At her age, non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, and laser treatments are the right way to go because younger patients in general only require minimal improvements.  On the other hand, more invasive approaches such as facelift are only reserved for older individuals or at least 50 years and above.

Unlike other celebrities ridiculed for their “surprised” appearance caused by too much Botox, Underwood’s countenance just looks rejuvenated thanks to minimal injections.  It also seems that she has avoided the dreaded “pillow face” from excessive use of dermal fillers by going to a more conservative route.

Whether the star’s seemingly natural beauty is the work of plastic surgeons or just another case of aging gracefully, everyone will likely agree that she looks more sophisticated and beautiful today compared to her appearance during her American Idol stint.

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Singer-songwriter Toni Braxton has revealed her celebrity plastic surgery procedures, which included rhinoplasty (nose job) and breast augmentation, in her newly released memoir titled, “Unbreak My Heart.”

According to her book, the 46-year-old star underwent rhinoplasty in the early 90s shortly after launching her first solo recording deal.  While she had always been unhappy with her nose’s appearance and wanted to reduce its width, she said the decision to go under the knife was a difficult one especially that she was brought up by a strictly religious family.


In her memoir, the Grammy Award-winning singer said she “struggled with the thought of altering her body due to her conservative ideas” thought by her family.

While this is the first time Braxton admitted having cosmetic surgery, it has long been speculated that the star had rhinoplasty after pictures of her during her younger years appeared in tabloids and Internet.

Some bloggers and even plastic surgeons have praised the result of Braxton’s rhinoplasty because it still appears like a beautiful African nose; this is only possible with a conservative approach that respects the ethnicity and underlying anatomies of the patient.

Instead of over-correcting the nostril flare, the singer’s doctor seemed to go to the “conservative route” by still preserving and even highlighting her ethnic features.

Her second “major” plastic surgery was breast augmentation with smaller implants that complemented her svelte figure.  And just like her nose job’s result, many bloggers and cosmetic surgeons have also lauded her decision to choose a conservative size that gave her natural-looking outcomes.

In her book, the singer also added that she would like to have liposuction on her inner thighs, which she admitted to hate.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that the RnB singer is also regularly receiving Botox and dermal fillers to smooth facial lines and other signs of aging.  But despite the proliferation of before-and-after photos alleging that she had some work done on her face, she has remained mum about the issue.

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A Los Angeles woman spent $15,000 worth of plastic surgery procedures for more flattering selfies, which are self-portrait photographs posted online usually taken with a camera phone.

Triana Lavey, 39, has been reported to undergo a series of facial plastic surgeries that involved chin implant, nose job (rhinoplasty), Botox injection, and fat graft—all for the sake of looking better in her online photos.


In an interview with ABC’s Nightline, the talent agent said the social media such as FaceBook and Instagram have changed “how people look and judge themselves.”

Lavey added that selfie is a “legitimate form of self promotion” as it allows her to “reinvent herself every day.”

Before the selfie has become a global trend, Lavey admitted that she did not notice that she had a “weak” or near absent chin that particularly looked obvious in still photos.  But after undergoing several facial plastic surgeries, she has claimed that she still look like herself with only some of her parts “Photoshopped.”

To determine the impact of selfies, The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has recently conducted interviews on board certified plastic surgeons and has asked them about the influence of social media such as FaceBook and LinkedIn.

According to results, one of out three facial plastic surgeons said the popularity of social media has made people become more self-aware of their looks as a significant number of their patients admitted being concern with their photos posted online.

With the growing influence of selfies, some experts suggest that it might have contributed to the rising number of nose job, eyelid surgery, and facelift, which were all included on the top five list of the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery last year.

While chin augmentation was not on the list of the most commonly performed surgical enhancements in 2013, over the past several years it has experienced a double digit growth—a trend many plastic surgeons have attributed to the growing popularity of social networking sites.

Botox, dermal fillers, and facial liposuction have also seen a notable uptick because of the popularity of selfies and social media.

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