Bikini Body After Tummy Tuck

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Bikini body after tummy tuck. This has always been the proverbial request of patients who ask for this type of body contouring surgery in which the apron-like hanging skin and fat from the abdomen is removed, typically with a hip-to-hip incision pattern.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently performed a tummy tuck in a female patient with barrel-shaped abdomen, redundant skin, lots of stretch marks, sagging pubis area, and “boxy” flanks. (Note: The surgery was recently shown on his Snapchat.)


bikini body after tummy tuck

Dr. Smiley places the incision below the pubic hairline so the scar is perfectly concealed by the patient’s underwear or bikini.

During surgery, Dr. Smiley placed the incision “very low and hidden” so the “resulting scar will not show when the patient wears an underwear or a bikini.”


“I place the incision way below the hairline [of the pubic region] to hide the scar and to slightly elevate the sagging mons pubis,” Dr. Smiley says in the video.


Conservative elevation of the mons pubis without excessive tension also ensures a smooth transition between the pubic area and the lower abdomen, further contributing to natural-looking results.


After the creation of tummy tuck incision, Dr. Smiley lifted the skin to reveal the pair of separated or splayed abdominal muscles, which he tied in a side-by-side configuration to help improve the patient’s barrel-shaped abdomen. This was done with the use of permanent sutures known for their additional support.


“By tightening the muscle with internal sutures and paying more attention to the area right above the belly button, we can prevent the appearance of unsightly bulges that tend to be more pronounced when a person is sitting,” says Dr. Smiley.


The celebrity plastic surgeon then removed the hanging skin before closing the wound in which a curved hip-to-hip scar would lie low “beneath the bikini area” for its optimal concealment.


To further improve the shape of the waist, Dr. Smiley tightened the skin with the “right amount of tension” so that a degree of muscle definition would show through. He also pulled the skin “more centrally” for additional “feminine curves.”


Dr. Smiley says that meticulous cutting and excision techniques, in addition to precise suturing methods, “have a significant impact on the healing and the final scar appearance.”


“When cutting the skin, the blade should be held at a 90 degrees angle and it should be moved in one direction. This paves way for meticulous suturing technique in which the goal is to close the wound edges just like you’re arranging puzzle pieces,” he says.


bikini body after tummy tuck

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