Qualifications of Good Mommy Makeover Surgeons

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Mommy makeover surgeons focus on plastic surgery procedures that reverse the effects of pregnancy, such as tummy tuck and breast enhancement. But to achieve good long-term results, these are best performed when the patient is done having children, as suggested by renowned body contouring expert Dr. Tarick Smaili.

mommy makeover surgeons

Qualified mommy makeover surgeons must meet the strict requirements stated below.

  • Properly board certified

As of this writing, there are several medical boards that “certify” doctors who want to offer cosmetic plastic surgeries. However, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which requires the highest and most stringent requirements, remains the “gold standard.”

ABPS doctors are also required to take a rigorous oral and written exam every 10 years, and are mandated by board regulation to perform surgery only in accredited operating rooms and to adhere to a high level of patient care.

  • Extensive and relevant experience

Plastic surgery has a wide range of subspecialties, e.g., facial rejuvenation, nose reshaping surgery, body contouring after weight loss, mommy makeover, breast enhancement, etc.

The general rule of thumb is to choose a surgeon whose patients are mostly women who want to reverse the effects of pregnancy. Ideally, he should be performing mommy makeovers for 10 years on a regular basis.

  • Extensive collection of before-and-after photos

The before-and-after photos from previous surgeries can help the patient evaluate her doctor’s technical and artistic skills. It is also ideal that she finds a few “subjects” whose body frame (i.e., height, body shape, and area of concern) closely resembles hers.

  • Offer good rapport and honest discussion

A good surgeon will make every effort to promote honest and transparent communication, which in turn could allow his patient to settle realistic goals and feel comfortable with whatever surgery she may choose.

Meanwhile, a prudent patient should avoid anyone who makes unrealistic promises or forces her to have more surgeries than she actually wants.

  • Prioritize patient safety above all

A good surgeon will always prioritize patient safety above anything else. For this reason, he only performs surgeries in accredited hospitals or outpatient centers, uses all efforts to minimize surgical trauma (e.g., limiting the operating time), and conducts strict patient selection.

It is important to note that patients with healing problems and other serious medical conditions and those with unrealistic goals are poor candidates for any type of cosmetic plastic surgery.

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