Ramifications of Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

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One of the most common concerns of patients seeking plastic surgery to remove the redundant skin in their abdomen is that pregnancy after tummy tuck may be risky or might completely reverse its results.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley, who performs over hundreds of tummy tucks every year, says the surgery does not affect conception or safety of mothers, nor automatically reverse the contouring effects of the procedure.


pregnancy after tummy tuck


In his recent Snapchat video post, Dr. Smiley is seen suturing the pair of loose abdominal muscle along the midline between the breastbone and the pubic region to achieve a flatter, more feminine waistline. He says that permanent sutures can limit the effects of “unexpected” pregnancy or even mild to moderate weight gain in the future.


While pregnancy after tummy tuck is safe, Dr. Smiley says it remains best to postpone the surgery until the patient is done having children to ensure near permanent results, or at least does not plan getting pregnant in the near future.


Dr. Smiley says that muscle repair, which he almost always incorporates with tummy tuck, will still allow the body to stretch to accommodate the growing body.


(Note: Some women think that pregnancy after tummy tuck can increase the risk of prematurity. However, one patient who had twins about two years after her surgery says she went full term and had less loose skin afterward as compared to her “pre-tummy tuck” pregnancy.)


Should the patients become pregnant years after their tummy tuck, Dr. Smiley recommends avoiding unnecessary weight gain, which can have more detrimental effects on the surgery’s result than the pregnancy itself.


Because the celebrity plastic surgeon uses permanent sutures during muscle repair, he says the vast majority of his patients who became “unexpectedly pregnant” did not require any type of touch-up and remain happy with their results.

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