Tummy tuck final shape

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Tummy tuck final shape: Can every patient enjoy a more hourglass figure?


It depends, says leading Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley who has about 7,000 tummy tuck surgeries under his belt.


tummy tuck final shape


Recently, Dr. Smiley performed tummy tuck on a female patient with loose skin and lots of stretch marks that extended above her navel due to previous pregnancies. However, she had very little fat thanks to her commitment to healthy and active lifestyle.


(Note: Her surgery was recently shown on Dr. Smiley’s Snapchat.)


The celebrity plastic surgeon was able to remove up to 90 percent of stretch marks with meticulous skin incision in which the resulting hip-to-hip scar was hidden beneath the patient’s underwear.


Meanwhile, some Snapchat followers wrote to the surgeon asking why he was not able to deliver “curvier results” as compared to his previous patients with remarkably defined waist line following their surgery.


“While I make every effort to reshape the midsection and adhere to the classic hourglass figure, we cannot simply go past the muscle and bone,” he said.


“We have to put in fillers on the side to give her a more S shape curve,” he further explained.


Fillers, which can be in the form of fat grafts or Sculptra (a type of dermal filler), can help reshape the hips to achieve a more hourglass figure, which is traditionally believed to be the hallmark of female fecundity and beauty.


In general, Dr. Smiley prefers fat graft or fat injection because of the additional contouring effects provided by liposuction, which is the method to collect fats from multiple donor sites.


Despite some limitations in term of the tummy tuck final shape, the surgery nonetheless created significant improvement over the patient’s previous appearance. Aside from removing the loose skin and eliminating about 90 percent of the stretch marks, Dr. Smiley also repaired the enlarged navel.


Navel repair was done by making an incision around its inner rim to conceal the scar. Afterwards, the surgeon reduced its size and made its shape slightly vertically oriented, leading to a more athletic appearance of the abdomen.

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