Tummy tuck results after one year

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Many people are curious about tummy tuck results after one year, particularly pertaining to issues such as scar appearance, flatness of the anterior abdomen, and over all contour of the midsection.


Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted videos on Snapchat showing one female patient who had tummy tuck about a year ago. Upon closer inspection, the scar has healed and faded nicely into the background.


Tummy tuck after one year

Tummy tuck after one year


At one year postop, the tummy tuck scar has faded and flattened out considerably. However, some patients may notice that it looks a bit pink or slightly darker than the surrounding skin, which typically improves over time.


After two years, most scars have fully matured that they appear thin and silvery in color and thus barely imperceptible.


Tummy tuck scar after one year

Meanwhile, Dr. Smiley says tummy tuck renders lasting results provided that the patient has maintained a stable weight through healthy diet and exercise.


Patient commitment before the surgery also plays a critical role in the final results. For instance, avoiding tobacco products at least three weeks before tummy tuck and another three weeks thereafter is one of the keys to promote favorable scar and optimal healing.


Studies have shown that smokers are not just at an increased risk of poor healing and skin necrosis (death of skin tissue), but they are also susceptible to poor scarring.


Of course, the long-term results of tummy tuck also depend on how meticulous the doctor is during surgery.


Dr. Smiley says he almost always performs muscle repair at the time of tummy tuck. This involves the use of permanent sutures to tighten the fascia overlying the separated pair of muscles that runs between posterior sternum and the area above the pubis.


The celebrity plastic surgeon says the suture right above the navel must be extra strong to prevent breakage, which can lead to unsightly bulge that can detract from the flat tummy.


Despite the use of permanent sutures, Dr. Smiley says that patients can nonetheless enjoy a safe pregnancy because the abdominal muscle will simply expand to accommodate the growing baby.

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